Business Performance Management

Business- and Process Management based on Key Performance Indicators

To succeed in today’s competition, processes, products and services have to be complemented to the market optimally at all times. One mistake – and customers will switch to the competitors, critical goods will be delivered late or colleagues miss out on important information. The consequence: the successful continuity of the company is not assured anymore. Chances are missed. That is why critical developments should not be missed out on in any business division, no matter where one is at the moment. Executives of all levels and controlling have to reveal risks, problems, but also chances as soon as possible in order to take appropriate actions.

Prociris Solution Concept

That’s exactly when our solution concept comes into play: the „traditional“, long-termed business management is supplemented and revolutionized by key performance indicator based management. To operationalize business aims and strategies – that is the key to make key performance indicators measurable and in the context faster and easier to implement.

Business Performance Management is basically a simple, cyclic process. After the key performance indicator system is defined and implemented, the key performance indicator is constantly measured and evaluated. Should any anomaly come up – of positive or negative kind – predefined escalation mechanisms are triggered.

Service Offerings

Prociris offers a complete service range for Business Performance Management. It reaches from strategic inquiring and conceptual tasks up to supporting the implementation of a concrete software solution. Typical tasks are:

  • Prepare, implement and accompany the Business Performance Management
  • Out-of-the-box realization of a Business Performance Management Solution
  • Consulting and workshops to build up key performance indicators