Prociris Range of Services

Business Process Excellence and Individual Information System Technologies

Just as a corporate success is inextricably linked to Business Process Excellence, it is only possible to achieve this excellence with individual information system technologies. Within this context, the Prociris range of services encompasses corporate strategy and business consulting, combining these with IT concepts up to implementation oriented project management. Trust, entrepreneurial thinking and strong methodological skills characterize our activities. In the process, we benefit from powerful consulting tools and superior knowledge management, which finds its way into various customer solutions using best practice models. Theoretical concepts are not our goal, but practical solutions instead with an optimal return on investment!

Mission – Vision – Values

Prociris consultants support corporate leadership in the development and implementation of a sustainable future-oriented corporate philosophy: The mission describes the self-image, the assignment and the enterprise goals in a society. The vision manifests itself in long-term enterprise development. After all, the central point of reference, against which employee practices – but also that of corporate management – must be measured, creates the enterprise’s value system.

Our Services

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

GRC is often felt, primarily, as an expense factor and thwarting for fast business processes. Prociris consultants ensure a sustainable reduction of GRC costs with process-oriented methods, processes and sophisticated technology. In addition, GRC works as a catalyst for intelligent business processes and makes thus its contribution to the development of competitive potentials that have not been tapped so far.

Strategy Development

Business Process Excellence is our main goal when it comes to developing corporate strategies. The mission, vision and enterprise value system form the basis in this regard. In a systematic process, we identify business objectives and the strategy mix and method for measuring the success and effectiveness of implementation strategies. During our analyses, we also evaluate potential opportunities that may develop using innovative technologies.

Enterprise Planning

Systematic strategic and tactical planning – this represents our label in corporate planning services. Based on corporate objectives, we develop an effective strategy mix, underlying this with risk and key indicator models. In the tactical area, we plan all business parameters across the entire value chain. Instability factors are taken into account using scenario and simulation technologies.

Business Processes

Business Processes are the linchpin when it comes to making changes within a company. Here it is crucial to have an effective communication in planning and implementing changes. We can provide that by creating reality-true and simple images of business processes by means of graphic models. Based on this, we offer a comprehensive services portfolio ranging from process design to the implementation, management and monitoring of business processes up to business process outsourcing.

Business Performance Management

Management based on key performance indicators is the key to dealing with the uncertainties of current markets. For this purpose, corporate objectives and strategies are put into action using key indicators and are therefore made measurable. A guidance system with monitoring and control capabilities across the entire value chain in conjunction with performance monitoring tools is the result.

IT Architectures and Frameworks

Connected with IT topics our advisory activities are completely directed to setting up IT architectures and future-safe for the introduction of standards-based development and portal frameworks. The tasks can be business-process-driven or the aim can be put on re-engineering of the IT operation. Our experts bring experience with modern service-oriented and with cloud-based web architectures, but also with client-server and host architectures.

Program and Project Management

Our project managers have experience from Organization- and Information Technology-Projects up to dimensions of more than 10 million Euros. Working in an international, multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment as well as considering Offshore and Nearshore potentials are self speaking for us. We restructure comprehensive projects in the form of Excellence programs, so as to keep the risks manageable and achieve a faster return on investment.