Corporate Goals and Strategy Development

Systematic Target System and Policy Mix Development for Business Process Excellence

Business Process Excellence is our main goal when it comes to developing corporate strategies. The mission, vision and enterprise value system form the basis. Using a systematic process, we identify enterprise objectives as well as the strategy mix and method for measuring the success and effectiveness of implementation strategies. During our analyses, we also evaluate potential opportunities that may develop using innovative technologies. Our approach is based on the proven Horus method, typically including the following work packages:

Context Analysis

During the context analysis, the environment in which the enterprise moves with its core processes is initially analyzed. The focus is on external factors that have an effect on the enterprise. They are identified and analyzed in their effectiveness, where mutual dependencies are also taken into account. The performance portfolio is analyzed next and value creation potentials are then derived from this. Concomitantly, the target hierarchy framework is now defined. It orientates itself towards the vision, mission and values of the enterprise.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis is a proven method, providing an ideal opportunity to incorporate the Executive Management. This is not consciously organized as a formal process, rather resembling a brainstorming session in many cases. Decision makers and opinion leaders first exchange thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise. After this analysis of internal factors has taken place, they turn their attention toward external factors by identifying opportunities and threats for the enterprise.

Strategy Analysis

In the context of the strategy analysis, strategies are defined in conjunction with associated performance indicators to measure their effectiveness as well as the risks that affect them. The most important starting point for the strategy definition is a target model. Considerations must be taken into account for each of the objectives as to which strategies are most suitable to achieve the goal in the time period desired and within a given budget. Strategies that affect multiple targets will also arise from this. It must be determined whether each influence is positive or negative in nature.