Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

Enterprise modeling as a basis for successful GRC implementation

Because of the increasing business linkages in the global market, Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) moves more and more into the focus of entrepreneurial activity. Is important not to consider GRC selectively, but as a whole:


Governance is enterprise management based on clearly formulated business objectives and directives. Important conditions are compliance and integrity. Governance thus extends across all business sectors and levels, which is why we speak of horizontal and vertical governance.

Risk Management

Risk management is the sum of all measures for dealing with known and unknown internal and external enterprise risks. These include the establishment of early warning systems to identify risks, as well as measures to eliminate potential risks, and for the treatment of incurred risks.


Compliance denotes conforming to a rule, correspondence or conformity with a specification, policy, standard or law with (ethical and moral) principles and procedures, including standards (e.g. ISO) and clearly defined conventions.

Visualize business processes, document risks and hazards and derive controls

Often GRC is equated with the sub-tasks of controlling or with installing individual IT-based island solutions in the business. The reason is to cover individual legal or corporate guidelines and rules (such as SOX, Basel II and Basel III). Essentially, this approach leads only to disproportionate costs while obtaining current but incomplete statements on target fulfillment, risk and compliance. Successful GRC implementations therefore require a detailed method-based creation of business models in order to achieve the transparency required. This is the approach preferred by Prociris. This is the only way to determine perfectly coordinated processes and technical requirements within a GRC solution. Supported by a perfectly matched method, GRC components can be analyzed, conceptualized and implemented into an integrated solution.