Services Portfolio for Corporate Management

Confidence and competence: Demand-Based Executive and Business Consulting by Prociris

Confidence and competence form the basis of our comprehensive consulting services portfolio. At Prociris, corporate management can expect a reliable executive or business consultant that can master the customer’s language perfectly. Scientifically sound and proven methods in practice are the tools of our trade – rapidly implementable concepts and solutions with measurable benefits is our common goal.

Owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

We offer support in corporate culture design for entrepreneurs, shareholders and the CEO. Based on this, we incorporate our expertise into the strategy development, establishing a key indicator based corporate management. We are an experienced and resolute point of contact for questions concerning governance, risk and compliance topics.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

CFOs appreciate our consultants’ ability to solve business issues based on resilient quantitative dimensions. This is reflected in strategic financial planning as well as in risk management and tactical and operational business planning. The design and implementation of business key indicator systems to measure business performance across the entire value chain completes our range of services for the CFO.

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

At Prociris, the COO can expect a powerful partner in the design of intelligent business processes. We place great emphasis on key indicator based process management and collaborative planning systems. With our services in the field of governance, risk and compliance management, we are valuable partners is an increasingly difficult operational environment.

Chief Process Officer (CPO)

Redesign, reengineering, implementation and monitoring of business processes are the core business of Prociris Consultants. The connection with comprehensive governance, risk and compliance management strategies and business performance management across the entire value chain are characteristic of our approach.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

An essential strength of our consultants lies in the connection of strategic and business management questions surrounding IT topics. They are competent sparring partners, providing support for the CIO. The list of possible application fields is long: