Prociris – Business Process Excellence Meets Information Systems Innovation

Constant change and new competitors are characteristics of global markets. Just a few years ago, technology, quality and cost leadership were guarantors of sustainable market success. Today, the laws of the global market pose a daily threat to this type of success through numerous regulations and standards. They demand a high degree of enterprise changeability combined with effective measures to ensure Governance, Risk Management and Compliance. The solution: Business process excellence combined with advanced information system technologies. Prociris experts will help you create this solution.

Mission – Continuous Value Creation and Sustainable Market Success

Our mission is to create business process excellence together with our customers as a platform for continuous value creation and sustainable success in the market.

Our Consulting Approach – Model-Based Consulting

As experienced consultants, we place employee knowledge, creativity, performance and motivation – human capital – at the focus of our considerations. For analyses and simulations, we depict the organization of corporate activities (structures and dynamic aspects) in graphic models. We also supplement these with external collaboration partners. In doing so, we create visualization and analysis tools for our customers that facilitate new forms of communication as part of our consulting activities.

Our objectives are intelligent business processes and the design of individual information system technologies, taking future security, business performance and compliance into account. In this way, we help to efficiently organize enterprise collaborations and more, achieve business goals and address risks in an appropriate manner.

Strategic Partners

The profitable application of the latest research results from organization, communication, IT, sociology, psychology and related fields characterize our activities for our customers. In doing so, we pursue a pragmatic approach that invariably involves the economics of proposed solutions during the considerations. This is made possible through a close strategic cooperation with leading partners from research, education and industry: The AIFB Institute of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the FZI Research Center for Information Technology and the Horus software GmbH. Together with the Integrata Foundation for the humane use of information technology, we aim to create better quality of life through IT.

All information can be found in our corporate brochure.