Program and Project Management

Process-Oriented Planning and Management of Organizational and IT Projects

Prociris is recommended as a full-service provider for project management services in organizational and IT projects. Our project managers have experience from Organization- and Information Technology-Projects up to dimensions of more than 10 million Euros. Working in an international, multi-lingual and multi-cultural environment as well as considering Offshore and Nearshore potentials are self speaking for us. We restructure extensive projects into excellence programs to keep the risks manageable, achieving a faster return on investment.

Program and Project Management

Prociris experts take over the tasks of program and project management. In doing so, we assume responsibility to the extent that the customer would expect from us. Our main tasks are:

  • Organization and operation of a program or project management office
  • Project portfolio management
  • Support of tendering and offer processes
  • Leadership and responsible management of the program or project
  • Management and control
  • Time and resource management
  • Cost accounting, pre and post calculation
  • Contract management (project, purchasing, sales and service contracts)

Quality Management

Quality management includes quality control tasks, quality assurance as well as continuous quality improvement. It in this sense, it does not suffice to simply review project results during quality management. More importantly, project implementation should be reviewed regarding its quality, subsequently developing proposals to improve quality and offering assistance during implementation. In particular, we consider quality with respect to the following aspects:

  • Quality standards and governance
  • Project approach quality
  • Project results quality

Organizational Change Management

Change management measures are of paramount importance, especially in projects that accompany considerable organizational changes. For change management to be effective, it is important not to lose sight of the intended goals associated with the program or project. Also important: An external viewpoint of the project to develop results that move the company forward in its development. Our change management tasks can be classified as follows:

  • Vision, culture and strategy
  • Program and project economics
  • Developing the willingness to change and the knowledge required for this purpose
  • Communications and marketing