IT Architectures and Frameworks

Strategy consulting in Planning, Selection and Introduction of new IT

Connected with IT topics, our advisory activities are completely directed to setting up IT architectures and future-safe for the introduction of standards-based development and portal frameworks. The tasks can be business-process-driven or the aim can be put on re-engineering of the IT operation. Our experts have experience with modern service-oriented and cloud-based web architectures, but also with client-server and host architectures. Typical tasks are:

Assessment, Selection and Design of IT Architectures

Feasible architectural approaches are assessed and compared based on functional and technical requirements. Technical as well as economical aspects are taken into consideration for this purpose. Of particular importance are the issues of scalability and sustainability of the architecture chosen.

Introduction of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA)

For the most part, the introduction of a service-oriented architecture is not a technical challenge. Instead, it represents a departure from a function-oriented to a service-oriented paradigm. For this reason, accompanying organizational measures are to be provided for, as well as specific training modules. The effectiveness of these measures often determines the effectiveness of the overall implementation project.

Implementation of Cross-Company Collaboration

Collaborations across corporate boundaries require careful consideration of the underlying business processes. The expected benefits of the collaboration are derived from this. They also form the starting point for the technical design and the necessary organizational change measures.

Selection and Implementation of Software Development Frameworks

In the selection of appropriate software development frameworks, we revert to our extensive experience from different worlds: open source, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM. In addition to the software technical requirements, we take economic aspects and the sustainability of the framework into account during our analyses.