Innovative Business Models, intelligent Business Processes and Future-Oriented IT Technologies

We let our customers know that business processes and IT technologies are more than just a cost factor. Moreover, the fact that intelligent business processes and optimally matched information systems can achieve competitive advantages is an experience we have made with many of our customers. Collectively we pursue the goal of creating innovation through high performance business processes and systems!

Systematic Business Process Excellence

Our customers appreciate the extensive experience potential of various industries and the combination of business expertise with cutting-edge technological knowledge. Proven methods ensure business process excellence. Based on a trusting relationship with our customers, we create ideas, concepts and solutions that perfectly combine customer benefit and feasibility. This reflected in the following project examples.

Project Examples

We will be glad to provide you with detailed information concerning specific projects that involved our consultants. Upon request, we will also be glad to provide you with relevant reference contacts.

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance

  • IT Services
    Planning and implementation of a governance and risk management program in the core business activities of an IT service provider.
  • Recyclables Trade and Recycling
    Support services in establishing a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Strategy Development

  • High-Tech Industry
    Assistance provided in the method-based development of a corporate strategy for the German subsidiary of a market leader in the high-tech manufacturing industry.
  • IT Services
    Executive consulting in the reorientation of an IT services enterprise working in Arabic economic areas.

Corporate Planning

  • IT Services
    System conception for strategic financial planning and implementation supervision of a Hyperion planning solution. Integration with operative corporate planning.

Business Processes

  • Distribution Services
    Business process reengineering in the areas of customer relationship management, supply chain as well as finance and controlling.
  • Manufacturing Industry
    Reengineering and partial redesign of business processes in the areas of supply chain, customer service and production for a global logistics system provider.
  • Leasing
    Business Process Reengineering for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Business Performance Management

  • Distribution Services
    Implementation design and supervision of an Enterprise Performance Management System.
  • IT Services
    Design and implementation of a Balanced Scorecard at a midsized IT services company.

IT Architectures and Frameworks

  • Automotive Industry
    Design, project management and quality assurance in dealer portal development for a leading global automotive manufacturer.
  • IT Services
    Development and management of the database team of a market-leading IT service provider for the financial industry.
  • Leasing
    Strategic planning, design and support services in the development and operation of a group-wide service-oriented architecture.

Program and Project Management

  • Call Center Services
    Program management within the context of implementing a group-wide call center solution for inbound and outbound business activities.
  • Distribution Services
    Program management in the context of business process reengineering and implementation of an ERP system for a distribution enterprise for pharmaceutical, medical and consumer products.
  • Logistics
    Management of a major project for the implementation a group-wide Oracle application solution for a global logistics service provider.
  • Tourism
    Project management services in the context of outsourcing the IT services for a leading global tourism group.