Business Process Excellence

Process Leadership with Intelligent Business Processes and Individual Information Systems

Quick implementation of new business models and strategies, shorter lead times, lower processing costs, compliance with regulations and standards at national and international level – these are just some of the challenges facing an enterprise today. In doing so, risks must be kept in mind, ensuring governance across all divisions. No question about it: Only those companies can measure up to these challenges that have their business processes under control, using their skills and resources in the best way possible, quickly responding to changes in their markets. In short, business process excellence has become a key factor for success.

To get straight to the point: The path to business process excellence is often rocky, time-consuming and associated with unreasonable demands for employees and management. Of crucial importance are the accompanying change management measures, which always have the excellence goal in focus, never dismissing an external view of the enterprise.

Analysis and Assessment of Business Process Excellence

We recommend a business process excellence assessment at the beginning of considerations for the improvement of business processes. As part of this assessment, important excellence components are examined and evaluated in a specific analysis.

Such an assessment is a tightly organized survey intended to develop recommendations for excellence improvement. Variants are considered and compared together using different criteria. As a result, a strategy for improvement is then developed together with the customer.

Implementation of the Improvement Program

In general, the improvement strategy does not lead to a single project, but to a compatible, ideally timed improvement program. This consists of specific measures and projects that are constantly measured for impact and success. This way, the program can always be adapted to modified framework conditions and current findings, allowing optimization in its overall success. Prociris experts possess an entire variety of organizational and IT instruments, thereby orchestrating the best business excellence improvement program for the customer.

Continuous Business Process Excellence Improvement

Sustainability is a key objective during the implementation of the improvement program. Organizational change management and quality management are therefore essential components of any business process excellence initiative. In addition, procedures for ongoing review and improvement of business excellence must be established.