Enterprise Planning

Strategic and Tactical Planning with System

Fast changing market conditions and speeding innovations with shorter product life cycles expose Enterprise Planning to completely new demands: in planning, different internal and external factors along the entire value-chain have to be considered – and this also across enterprise boarders. A matter of course is a fast and flexible adaption of the planning model to changing conditions. Next to that it is important to involve responsible personnel from all sectors into planning and to realize a collaborative planning approach. Risk reflections demand the development and comparison of different planning scenarios, and simulation becomes an indispensable part of every planning solution.

Prociris Planning Solutions

Prociris systematically uses advanced software tools for task planning. The customer benefit is obvious: besides „traditional“ due-day planning, a rethinking to continuous planning takes place with reference to all enterprise- and responsibility-sectors – and this from the strategic level deep into business operation. Crucial for success hereby is that planning is accompanied by an ongoing monitoring of business activities, for which, as a basis, sophisticated key performance indicators have proven themselves.

Performance Portfolio

Our performance portfolio includes:

  • Conception and realization of a strategic Finance Planning
  • Conception and realization of an Enterprise Planning System
  • Implementing the strategic and tactical Enterprise Planning
  • Consulting and performing workshops on the topic Enterprise Planning
  • Performing planning processes (Outsourcing)

Software Tools for Planning

Depending on the complexity of the task, Prociris planning solutions use Excel tools, Horus business process tools or Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Services. The decision on which product will be used for the solution depends on customer benefit, economical efficiency and last but not least on guaranteed future. In practice products have proven themselves, which support not only the actual planning task, but also comprehensive processes all around Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Monitoring, Reporting and Analysis. Beyond that they can also deal easily with high data volume and a multitude of users.